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Tired of paying too much for business insurance, truck insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, auto insurance or home insurance? Shop with us. We’ll help you find a plan that works extra-hard to protect you, at the best price possible. And, we’ll help you become a smarter insurance shopper too.


Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost

According to a recent insurance survey, forty percent of homeowners are not aware of what their home insurance policy actually covers, and almost one in five policyholders believe they don’t have enough insurance to repair or replace damaged or stolen property. One...

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Are You Distracted?

Do you think of yourself as a careful driver who takes every precaution to avoid accidents? You might use this as a justification for having low car insurance liability limits. Have you ever driven while: Struggling to stay awake? Talking to someone? Recovering from a...

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7 Things Your Snowplow Driver Wants You to Know

Chances are, you know someone who does winter plowing. Maybe you're one of the winter heroes who are out there plowing and salting roads, parking lots and driveways before most people have even made their coffee. It's not an easy job, but you're out there, doing your...

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