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Tired of paying too much for business insurance, truck insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, auto insurance or home insurance? Shop with us. We’ll help you find a plan that works extra-hard to protect you, at the best price possible. And, we’ll help you become a smarter insurance shopper too.

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We believe in the business of service. We’ll get you the best price possible for the insurance you need. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service, and to building relationships with our customers.

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Our “at your fingers” service allows you to review and update your policy at your convenience – even at 11pm on a weekend.

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Smart Haul ELD Program: Do You Qualify for a Free Device?

With the ELD mandate due date for commercial vehicles looming, Progressive and its agents are making it a little easier to switch to electronic logging through their Smart Haul Program. Truckers who are already insured through Progressive (whether direct or through...

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