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Tired of paying too much for business insurance, truck insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, auto insurance or home insurance? Shop with us. We’ll help you find a plan that works extra-hard to protect you, at the best price possible. And, we’ll help you become a smarter insurance shopper too.


Data and Trucking Operations

The trucking industry runs on fuel, but it relies on data. Mileage, diesel, delivery times, hours—everything is tracked. It’s time to come to terms with how data is affecting trucking. While it can be challenging for many fleet managers to harness the power of that...

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People in the News

Congratulations to our president, Corey Murphy, for recently being elected as vice chair on HCC Foundation Inc.'s board of trustees. HCC Foundation Inc. is the nonprofit fundraising arm of Holyoke Community College. The foundation marked its 50th anniversary in 2018....

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Tire Pressure and Cold Weather

If your tire pressure warning light seems to be going off more during the winter, it's probably not your imagination. Air contracts when it’s cold, causing tire pressures to drop between one and two psi for every 1-degree decrease in temperature. Your tires could be 5...

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