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Business Insurance

Commercial Insurance Specialists

Our team of commercial insurance specialists offer experience in the development and management of comprehensive business insurance that far surpasses the expertise found in most agencies within our region. We evaluate your specific exposures, risk tolerance, and budget parameters. As an independent agency, we work with many top-tiered companies to develop the most effective insurance strategy for your insurance dollar. We’ll build an insurance plan suited to your company’s particular needs.

Our commercial clients include a wide range of diverse businesses such as auto repair shops, contractors, property owners, distributors, manufacturers, service providers, and transportation specialists, just to name a few.

Risk Management
There are many risks associated with owning and operating a business. We can help you obtain the proper coverages to make sure you and your business are protected; including commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, property insurance, umbrella liability insurance, and many more coverages tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Claims Management
Claims management is an integral part of the risk management services we provide. Our specialists will review your organization’s entire claims process, including claims reporting and auditing.

Our analysis of your claims history helps us implement action plans to impact your loss profile and pricing. We will recommend strategies and management procedures that work to close claims fairly and effectively and provide you with savings. We also serve as your advocate throughout the entire claims process.

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