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The latest forecasts indicate that we can expect heavy rain with the possibility of ice today into Saturday. This, coupled with the recent snowstorms, create the potential for flooding and other water-related issues.

Before the rain moves in, here are a few tips to help you weather the storm. The most important thing that can be done is making sure the water has some place to go.

  • Check all of the downspouts on your home. They can sometimes get clogged or be blocked by snow
  • Make sure the downspouts are draining water away from the foundation of the home. 
  • Clear the street drains near the home. Snow can accumulate and prevent proper drainage. 
  • If you have a sump pump, test it to be sure it is working and make sure that the water being pumped outside is flowing away from the home.

Courtesy of our partners at Arbella Insurance

photo - residential flooding