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Summer is here! So are many perils that can cause roof leaks. Time to check your homeowners policy.

Summer storms can be amazing sights, but their aftermath isn’t always pretty. Especially when they play havoc with your roof. When that happens, you’re faced with the sudden, panic-inducing question: does my homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?

Most insurance policies will provide coverage if the roof is less than ten years old. However, age isn’t the only thing that determines potential coverage. Here are a few perils that are often covered by a homeowners insurance policy.

Falling trees and debris. Twigs, leaves, pine needles, other debris, and falling branches or trees caused by strong winds or storms can puncture the roof and lead to leaking and flooding that could cause mold and water damage.

Wind. Strong winds have the power to rip shingles from the roof, exposing the foundational layer to moisture. Sometimes, wind can lift a single shingle that’s out of sight, but this can be a bigger threat if it’s left unnoticed for too long.

Hail. Hailstorms can be incredibly destructive, damaging the roof of the home and making it easier for moisture to bypass shingles and enter into the attic. The size of hailstones can impact the amount of damage done to the home. Additionally, different types of shingles react differently to hail, but most insurance policies will cover the damage.

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