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Tips for sharing the road with semis

Scott Felthousen, a professional truck driver with more than a decade of driving under his belt, has put together a useful guide to safe driving around semis. While his tips are aimed at keeping teen drivers safe, the advice he dispenses is applicable to everyone. In...

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and according to a survey, more people than ever are aware of the danger distracted drivers pose on the road. Drivers say that distracted driving is the number one traffic-related issue as a safety concern. Texting or...

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Whose tree is it, anyway?

With all the wind shaking up New England this past weekend, the list of property damage is long...and leaves lots of questions about whose tree hit whose home–and who pays the damages. Here's the basic rule to follow: No matter where a tree came from if it hits...

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Contractor Liability Insurance

General contractors have contractual obligations and face the threat of a financial loss if a construction claim is filed. To guard against losses associated with injuries or other damages, contractors need the protection provided by a product liability insurance...

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Tips to Make Your Home Safer

Know your shut-off valves. Seconds can count when an emergency require you to shut off an incoming source for gas, electricity, and water, so know and mark where your shut-off valves are for each one in your home. Check your washer and dryer. Replace worn out rubber...

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