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The trucking industry runs on fuel, but it relies on data. Mileage, diesel, delivery times, hours—everything is tracked. It’s time to come to terms with how data is affecting trucking. While it can be challenging for many fleet managers to harness the power of that information, benchmarking can help.

Once you start benchmarking, you may begin to notice patterns relating to the time of day and certain drivers. After comparing that data to the company’s loss history and near-miss log, you can narrow down a shortlist of drivers with multiple alerts, losses, or near misses. Then you can dig into other factors, such as do the drivers work out of one specific terminal? Perhaps they all have the same dispatcher. Upon further investigation, you might find that load planning is too tight.

Linking all of this data can quickly improve your company’s operations. Once you see the patterns in the data, making a few smart changes could very well result in the number of alerts dropping steadily over the following weeks and months.

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