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Slip and fall accidents can be very costly for any business, whether they involve your employees or someone else legally on your premises. Each year these accidents result in thousands of workers compensation or third party liability claims. For much of the country, this risk increases substantially with the winter weather season.

Here is a check list to help you prepare for and avoid accidents:

  • Make certain your contractor is timely in the removal of snow and/or treating to prevent icing.
  • Make sure your contractor is insured and you are contractually protected for their liabilities.
  • Watch the weather and don’t be caught by surprise.
  • If doing your own snow removal, have appropriate personnel, equipment and supplies on site (shovels, snow blowers, plows, ice melt, sand…).
  • Use caution before you or your employees clear non-owned adjoining properties, as doing so can create liability for your business.
  • Keep exterior drains and drainage areas clear of snow to prevent backup of water, freezing and refreezing.
  • Treat all exterior areas where you expect to have pedestrian traffic. Once and done is not sufficient; inspect and treat potential hazardous areas frequently.
  • Make certain there is ample outside lighting during the shorter daylight hours of winter.

Winter can create hazardous conditions inside when people track in snow and ice, leading to wet and slippery floors inside.

  • Take action to keep floors dry and substance free. Use markers and signage to warn others of slippery conditions.
  • If you use interior floor mats, make sure they are non-slip or appropriately secured.